A dynamic entrepreneur exploring interdisciplinary areas: neuroengineering, quantum biophysics, nanobiosciences, and neurosciences utilizing engineering technologies and biological/medical knowledge 

Research Areas

Human Minibrains


Neurological Disorders



  • '24.01.18. IPHC Research Symposium - Huyen and Yen  won the prize'
  • '24.01.11. Joint research and development - between aribio and NeuroLynx'
  • '23.10.25 - 23.10.26 Annual Meeting of the Organoid Society' - Minh,  Khan, Yen, Van, Huyen and Sohye won the prize'
  • '23.07.06 - 23.07.08
    Wisdom : World Innovation Summit for neurodegenerative Diseases - Opportunities and challenges in Medicine
  • '23.03.03. A party for Spring semester opening
  • '23.01.18. Minh won the third place of the best papers at IPHC workshop.
  • '23.01.18. Yen won the third place of the best oral presentaion at IPHC workshop.


“Laminin-Augmented Decellularized Extracellular Matrix Ameliorating Neural Differentiation and Neuroinflammation in Human Mini-Brains,”
Small 2023, 2023, 19: 2308815 

“Bright-Field and Edge-Enhanced Imaging Using an Electrically Tunable Dual-Mode Metalens,” 
ACS Nano 2023, 17:14678




Position opening for graduate students
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